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We are pleased to announce that beginning in the winter of 2011, we can offer an online version of the Intermediate course. This course was piloted for a year in England and for another year with the International Wine Center in New York, and we are now permitted to sign up our students also.

What to Expect from the Online Course

Sign up online with us, indicating one of the available start dates listed on our schedule. Note that the registration deadline is 2 weeks in advance of each session's start date. As with our home study students, we will then FEDEX you your Intermediate Course study pack and you take your exam in Philadelphia. However, unlike home study, you are not studying on your own. You will take classes in a digital, global classroom under the leadership of an instructor from WSET. The courses are structured, interactive learning programs, but with the freedom of flexible scheduling. Students log-in whenever they like (at least once a week), review the summary of weekly or biweekly topics, study, complete activities and tasting exercises, post responses and participate in online class discussion. Your "classmates" could be anywhere, from Philadelphia to the Philippines (WSET is active in more than 50 countries). All classes are conducted in English.

Upon registration, you will receive an e-mail from WSET with instructions on logging into the online classroom. Once in the classroom site, you will find a course calendar listing the topics covered for each week, the background reading required, activities relevant to each topic, tasting assignments (students must purchase their own wine) and quizzes. The activities and tasting assignments require you to post responses on the site. You can view other students’ responses and the online exchange with the instructor only if you yourself post a response; interaction is critical to success in this course. A mock exam is given in the final week.

The online Intermediate course includes five interactive classes over a five-week period. Each course has specific start dates and exam dates, as well as registration deadlines. Before enrolling you should establish a reliable Internet connection and download software to access PDFs, as many assignments and attachments are posted as PDFs.

Each 5-week course has an associated exam date for our Philadelphia students, indicated on our schedule. You have the option of delaying an exam date for up to one year, assuming you notify us three weeks before your scheduled exam date. However, once you are registered for a five week online segment you can't transfer to another five week segment without a significant penalty: $125, which is what WSET will charge us for a late transfer. So please select your five week segment with care.

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