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WSET Intermediate Course Exam

The Intermediate Course exam is one hour long. It has only multiple-choice questions. The minimum passing grade is 56%, or 28 correct out of 50.

The exam will consist of 50 questions in random sequence, but the questions will be distributed as shown below:

Subject Number of questions
Nature of Wine 4
Storage/service 2
Tasting 3
France 7
Italy 4
Spain & Portugal 3
Germany 3
Rest of Europe 3
New World 7
Sparkling Wines 4
Fortified Wines 3
Spirits 4
Beers, etc. 3
Total number of questions 50


Sample Questions

The following questions are similar to those used in Intermediate Course exams:

  1. The buildings where Sherry is aged are called
    a) soleras
    b) estufas
    c) bodegas
    d) lodges
  2. From which country does Lutomer Laski Rizling come?
    a) Austria
    b) Slovenia
    c) Hungary
    d) Bulgaria
  3. The Medoc is famous for which style of wine?
    a) red
    b) white
    c) rosé
    d) fortified
  4. What does the Italian term "abboccato" mean?
    a) dry
    b) medium sweet
    c) old
    d) vintage

Answers for the above questions are [c, b, a, b]. Highlight inside the brackets to see the answers.


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