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Our WSET Graduates

Through April, 2012 at our Philadelphia "WSET Centre" we have had 474 people successfully attain the Level 2 Award WSET Intermediate Certificate and 244 people attain the Level 3 Award WSET Advanced Certificate, including 55 who earned the WSET Advanced Certificate "With Distinction" and another 110 who earned the WSET Advanced Certificate "With Merit" (a new recognition category which began in Fall, 2003). In addition, we have so far had 45 people earn the full WSET Diploma.

These successful graduates include sommeliers and other associates of top area restaurants and hotels (the Four Seasons alone has more than 2 dozen graduates), associates and managers of wine wholesale and retail establishments (including more than 2 dozen graduates from Diageo), and several of the area's top wine educators.

WSET Diploma Graduates (Level 4)

Since January, 2002, we have offered WSET Diploma classes locally, although our students previously had to travel to New York's International Wine Center for their Diploma exams. We became an official Approved Program Provider for the Diploma in Fall, 2004.

Congratulations to the following Diploma graduates:

* indicates someone initially registered with another APP who took one or more Diploma units in Philadelphia


WSET Advanced Certificate With Distinction (Level 3 Award)

The following graduates have earned very high scores on the Advanced Certificate exam. Several of them have already gone on to earn the WSET Diploma and have entered the Master of Wine program. Special note should be taken of the difficulty of earning this level beginning Fall, 2003 because, since that date, earning "Distinction" has required very high scores on three separate exams: a multiple choice exam (as before), plus a blind tasting exam and an hour-long essay exam.


WSET Advanced Certificate with Merit (Level 3 Award)

Effective Fall, 2003, the format of the Advanced Certificate changed. Now, to earn "Distinction" on the Advanced Certificate it became necessary to score very highly on all three sections of a three part exam: a multiple choice exam (as before), plus a blind tasting exam and an hour-long essay exam. Recognizing the difficulty of even coming close to the "Distinction" level with the new format, the WSET inaugurated a new recognition category- passing the Advanced Certificate "With Merit." The following Philadelphia-area graduates have earned this noteworthy achievement.


WSET Advanced Certificate (Level 3 Award)


WSET Intermediate Certificate (Level 2 Award)