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WSET Diploma Exams for Units 4, 5, and 6

Exam Format

The formats for the exams for Units 4-6 are identical.

To quote the WSET, "A tasting paper for Unit 5 Sparkling Wines of the World could require a candidate to submit a detailed written analysis of three sparkling wines and briefly describe the methods used for the production of sparkling wines."

You can divide your time between the tasting and theory parts as you like; each has equal weight. You need an overall total of 55 points to pass the exam. It does not matter if you do very well on one part and very poorly on the other; if your grade is 55% or higher you pass; if lower, you have to take the entire test again.

Exam Schedule

Since the 2005-06 academic year, Unit 4, 5 and 6 exam dates can be held on one or more of three dates set by the WSET. Those dates are the first or second Wednesday in November, the second Wednesday in March and the second Monday in June. Since our Unit 4-6 classes will end by late October, we offer the November test date. We offer the exams on the other two test dates if there is sufficient demand. See our schedule for exam dates and registration deadlines.

Like the Unit 3 exams, these exams occur during the day. Each Unit's exam is one hour, with a one hour break in-between.

For the benefit of distant students who also want to take the Unit 2 multiple choice test on the same day, that exam will be available preceeding the Unit 5 exam.


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