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WSET Diploma Unit 4, 5, and 6 Classes

Classes for Units 4 (Spirits), 5 (Sparkling Wines), and 6 (Fortified Wines) are shorter than those for Units 1-2 and Unit 3.

Like the other Units, these classes are a combination of lecture, discussion, map review and tasting. These are offered on Monday nights in the fall, with the exams on either the first or the second Wednesday in November.

Unit 5 (sparkling) and 6 (fortified wines) are each two weeks long; Unit 4 (spirits) is three weeks long. Practice exams for Units 4-6 will be held during the day on a Saturday before the exams, and is included in the prices for Units 4-6.


Unit 4 (Spirits) Tasting Portfolios

Unit 5 (Sparkling Wines) Tasting Portfolios

Unit 6 (Fortified Wines) Tasting Portfolios

Practice Exams

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