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WSET Diploma Unit 3 (Light Wines) Classes

Unit 3 Course Overview

Unit 3 classes (usually on Monday evenings) are two plus hours per week over 20 weeks from early January through late May.

Most of our Unit 3 classes are focused on one wine region. However, essay questions on the Unit 3 exam often ask you to compare, for example, Cabernet from Napa, Bordeaux, Chile and the Languedoc, so our final Unit 3 classes are cross-appellation classes. Coming shortly before the Unit 3 exams, they have been helpful in preparing students for the exams.

The 20 classes are listed below. Click on each class to jump to more details about that class, including a list of wines poured in that class in 2009:

  1. Introductory class, including early exposure to Unit 3-style exams (tasting and written)
  2. Bordeaux
  3. SW France and Southern France (Provence, Languedoc)
  4. Burgundy
  5. Alsace
  6. The Loire Valley
  7. Germany
  8. Central & Eastern Europe
  9. Rhone
  10. Italy, Week 1
  11. Italy, Week 2
  12. Spain
  13. Portugal
  14. North America
  15. South America
  16. Australia
  17. New Zealand
  18. South Africa
  19. Cross- appellation class
  20. Cross-appellation class

Classes will be a combination of lecture, discussion, map review and tasting.

We will taste at least 128 different categories of wines during our 20 weeks of classes. In order to give you feedback before the exam we ask you to submit a few sample tasting notes (not all 128+) to make sure you have mastered the WSET approach to tasting notes. The lists on the page linked above are merely for your reference, since the wines used for the Unit 3 blind tasting tests will come from these same 128 categories.

At least one practice exam for Unit 3 will be held on a date to be announced in class and on our schedule.


Weekly Breakdown of the Diploma Unit 3 (Light Wines) Classes

Listed below are detailed descriptions of each of our 20 classes for Diploma Unit 3, including lists of wines that were tasted in class in 2009.


Unit 3 Exam Info

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