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WSET Diploma Course: Units 1 and 2

Units 1 and 2: Introduction

Please note that the Unit 1 and 2 courses are misleadingly named. The Unit 2 exam must be taken before either Unit 1 assessment (coursework assignment or closed-book exam) can be taken.

Unit 1 is "The Business of Wine." This unit is assessed by one closed-book essay exam and one independently written research paper ("coursework assignment").

Unit 2, "Wine Production," is assessed by a multiple-choice exam. Diploma students must take this exam before submitting any Unit 1 assignments or taking any other Unit exams. This test is given on several occasions during the year; it is possible to take the Unit 2 exam and one or more from among the unit 4, 5, and 6 exams on the same day. Please note that it is not necessary to pass the Unit 2 exam before going on to other Unit exams or Unit 1 assignments. It is only necessary to take the exam. Although we have a high pass rate for the Unit 2 exam, occasionally students have failed on their first try but have successfully gone on to Unit 3 or other Units and have then re-taken and passed the Unit 2 exam at a later date.

We offer Units 1 and 2 as a combined class each fall. See our schedule for upcoming course and exam offerings.


Fall Combined Class for Units 1 and 2

We offer ten or more classes covering Units 1 and 2 from early September through late November.

Most of our Diploma students begin their studies with these fall classes.

Unit 2 classes cover viticulture, vinification, and wine maturation, plus 22 "commercially significant" grape varieties. The first hour of a Unit 2 class is lecture-discussion of textual material. The second hour involves tasting the 22 commercially significant grape varieties.

Unit 1 classes cover "The Global Business of Alcoholic Beverages," "The Local Business of Alcoholic Beverages," and "Marketing Alcoholic Beverages." WSET issues extensive written and electronic materials that students should consult in preparing for their Unit 1 assessments. The Unit 1 class sessions introduce, explain and discuss these materials. Tastings during Unit 1 weeks are usually blind, to illustrate various concepts.

See the typical weekly topics and wine categories for the Unit 1-2 course.



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