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Transitional Diploma Students

The assessment of Unit 1, The Global Business of Alcoholic Beverages has changed as of August 1, 2008. Students who registered as Diploma candidates prior to July 31, 2008 are considered "transitional students." If you are a transitional student, then until June, 2010 you will be exempt from the new requirement for a closed-book essay exam and a longer (2,500-3,000 word) coursework assignment. You can continue to submit shorter (1,500-2,000 word) coursework assignments on the November and/or April submission dates until June, 2010.

What happens after June, 2010?

If you have not passed all four coursework assignments by June, 2010 you will be switched to the new Unit 1 assessment procedures. If at that time you have not yet passed any of the old coursework assignments, you will need to complete a new, 2,500 to 3.000 word coursework assignment and pass the closed book essay test. If you have passed one or more of the old coursework assignments, you will be exempt from the new, longer coursework assignment, but you will need to pass the closed-book essay exam. The weight toward your Unit 1 grade of that essay exam will depend upon how many of the old coursework assignments you have passed:

We encourage you to consult the WSET Diploma Coursework FAQs and contact us if you are unsure of your status or have additional questions. (Please note that you must be logged in to the WSET Global Campus with your WSET ID number and your personal password to access the FAQs.)


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