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WSET Diploma Course Registration Information

As a new Diploma student, you will "register" with WSET for three "academic years." The cost for three-year registration is included in the initial payment you make for Units 1 & 2, either for class instruction or distance learning.

WSET's academic years run from August through July. For that reason, most students begin their studies in the fall. Students who begin their studies in the winter lose half an academic year. However, if students don't complete all Units within three years, they can re-register for an additional three academic years, giving them a total of six years to earn the Diploma.

Diploma Registration and the IWS

Your price for Units 1 and 2 (distance learning or class enrollment) includes three-year Diploma registration which we in turn pay to the WSET in London. Diploma registration now entitles you to free membership as a student member of the Institute of Wines and Spirits for the entire three years of your Diploma registration. Otherwise, to become a full member of IWS you must be a Diploma graduate and pay £75 per year to the IWS. IWS membership benefits include:

Diploma Course Sequence

WSET requires that Diploma students take Units 1 and 2 first. Units 3-6 can be taken in any order after that. You must take (but not necessarily pass) the Unit 2 exam before or on the same day as subsequent exams.

More information about planning the sequence of your Diploma study.

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