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Fortified Wine Tasting Portfolios

How and Why to Submit Tasting Portfolios

The WSET no longer requires tasting portfolios; however, we recommend that our students hand in tasting notes for us to evaluate at due dates we specify so that they can receive feedback in advance of their exams.

These tasting notes must be done in "neat and legible hand-written English" (as per the WSET Diploma Candidate Assessment Guide, which can be accessed online here). The notes may not be typed. They should be done using the standard WSET Diploma Tasting Note found in the Unit Study Guides.


WSET Diploma Unit 6 Portfolio Categories

These fortified wines will be among those poured at our Unit 6 classes.

In tasting these wines you should uses the WSET Level 4 Diploma Systematic Approach to Tasting. This includes the tasting categories that the graders of the Unit 6 tasting exams will be looking for, so you should memorize all categories to optimize your chances of passing the exam. Fortunately, these are the same categories used for the Unit 3 wines, so you don't have to learn new tasting categories for the Unit 6 exams.

Port Style Wines
1 of 1 Ruby Port    
1 of 1 Vintage Port    
1 of 3 Aged Tawny Port Indicated Age Tawny Port Colheita Port
1 of 1 Madeira    
Sherry Style Wines
1 of 3 Commercial medium dry Sherry Commercial Pale Cream Sherry Commercial Cream Sherry
3 of 3 Premium quality Fino Premium quality dry Amontillado Premium quality dry Oloroso


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