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General Information about Diploma Exams and Assessment

Candidates earn the WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits by passing an exam for each of Units 2 through 6. As of August 2008, new candidates must pass both an exam and a research paper for Unit 1 (Business of Wine).

You must take (but not necessarily pass) the Unit 2 exam before submitting any Unit 1 coursework assignments or taking any other Unit exams.

More information about Diploma Exams:


Study Resources for Diploma Exams

The Diploma Specification (PDF) provides an overview of the expected learning outcomes for Diploma candidates, as well as study and exam guidance.

The Candidate Assessment Guide (PDF) provides more detailed tips and sample questions to prepare for Diploma exams and assessments.

Each year, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust releases Examiners' Reports about the results of the past year's Diploma exams. These reports can be a valuable study guide for Diploma candidates because they provide an opportunity to review what is expected of successful candidates, and what common pitfalls they should avoid.

Here are the Examiners' Reports that we have available for download:


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