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Diploma Mentoring Program: DAPS

The Diploma Assessment Preparation Scheme (DAPS) is a revamped version of WSET's longstanding Mentor Program for Diploma students.

Participants in the program share not just one mentor, but a large number of mentors, each with an area of expertise, employed by WSET in London. Instead of mailed submission of practice questions, all submissions and grading are now done by e-mail.

The DAPS administrator contacts us for our class schedules and constructs a program around that schedule. Closed-book questions, open-book questions, and tasting note assignments are sent, returned and graded via email. Initial reviews from our students have been very positive about this new program.

If you join the DAPS Program you will receive:

The WSET has long offered a Mentor Program for Diploma students, although the current format of the DAPS is relatively new. Students enrolled in the Mentor Program were previously assigned a "tutor" who assisted them with one attempt at each Unit of the Diploma. These tutors, located in England, had access to the marking keys for prior years' exams. Students in the program would mail their mentors answers to those old questions and the mentors would mark and return them, giving the students invaluable exam-answering practice.

Options for DAPS Enrollment

We have chosen to make the DAPS Program optional for our Diploma students. Enrollment in the full program gives you assistance with one attempt at each Unit, as described above, during a period of two academic years (September through August).

Note, however, that Diploma course registration runs for periods of three academic years. If you wish to enroll in DAPS but expect to take more than two academic years to complete Units 2-6, you may opt to enroll in DAPS for individual Units on an a-la-carte basis.

A-la-carte enrollment in DAPS for individual Diploma Units is also available for students who need to re-sit a Unit exam.

See our prices page for the current rates for the full (2-academic-year) and a-la-carte DAPS options.

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