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Wine Tastings in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley

Private Wine Tastings

Most of our WSET graduates are not full-time wine professionals and prefer to stay with their current careers. However, they acquire the same level of wine-knowledge as the wine professionals and welcome the chance to share that knowledge. If you are looking for someone to lead an in-home or other private wine tasting, we will be glad to refer you to a thoroughly knowledgeable wine expert.

You can make your arrangements privately with the expert you select. will not charge you any additional fees. There is no arbitrary minimum number of guests and no arbitrary per-person fee, so your savings can be substantial.

Email us if you're interested in connecting with an expert to set up a private wine tasting.


Wine Tastings at Local Venues

We've been offering high quality wine tastings in the Delaware Valley since 1988. Our primary focus these days is on the WSET wine classes and wine classes at our affiliated institutions, however, so we don't hold these tastings as often as we once did.

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