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Earlybird Discount Wine Classes and Tastings

For our wine tastings and WSET wine classes, it pays to be early.

Discount Wine Classes

When you register early for our WSET wine classes, you may be eligible to pay a reduced price. There's no gimmick. When you register in advance, we save the significant expense of having heavy student packages delivered by courier; we pass the savings along to you.

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Discount Wine Tastings

We try to announce most wine tastings a month in advance.

Two prices are set.

First, a low price, which is in effect if you pay in full by the Friday preceding the date of the tasting.

Then, a higher price -- at least $15 higher -- which applies after that date.

We hope everyone pays the lower price because that means that we'll know well in advance of the tasting how large the audience will be, helping us plan everything from the amount of wine needed to the number of people we need to help out with the pouring.

Likewise, if you cancel by the Friday before the tasting, we'll happily refund your payment.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer an earlybird discount for our special "20-21" tastings (21 wines for $20 at Twenty-21 Restaurant) because these tastings are already offered at a very low price.

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