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Prices for our Wine Classes

WSET Foundation (Level 1) Course Prices

All-inclusive price for the Foundation Level 1 Award Course:

WSET Intermediate (Level 2) Course Prices

All-inclusive price for the Intermediate Level 2 Award Course:WSET logo

Intermediate Level 2 Award Course Home Study: $268

Intermediate Level 2 Award Online Course: $418


WSET Advanced (Level 3) Course Prices

All-inclusive price for the Advanced Level 3 Award Course:

Advanced Level 3 Award Course Home Study: $418

Most classes available by two-way video.

Advanced Level 3 Award Online Course: $798

Online class participants will also be able to participate in our live classes via two-way video.


WSET Diploma (Level 4) Course Prices

Please note that while these prices are not inexpensive, they are similar to the prices charged by all Diploma Approved Programme Providers throughout the U.S. and reflect prices for many materials that originate in the UK priced in pounds sterling, whose exchange rate with the dollar now is approaching 1:2. (It was 1:1.25 just a couple of years ago.)

We are committed to helping our students afford the Diploma and will be very flexible with extended payment options and other approaches. If you have managed to pass the very challenging Advanced (Level 3 Award) Exam and want to go on to earn the Diploma, please call us-- we will work with you to make this possible.


WSET Exam Prices

The enrollment fees for each of our WSET classes and home study packages generally include the cost of sitting that course's respective exam once. Note, however, that the Diploma Unit 1 & 2 course price includes only the cost of the Unit 2 exam. The prices listed below generally apply only if you need to make additional attempts to pass an exam or part of an exam*.

*Note: Partial exams are only available if you have already passed one part of the exam.


Prices for Non-WSET Classes and Tastings

For classes taught by Phillywine instructors at local universities, such as the Restaurant School or Temple University Fort Washington, you should consult the relevant institution for information about enrollment and pricing.

Prices for these and other classes, as well as for wine tastings, are generally announced via our free e-mail newsletter. E-mail us to subscribe.