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Awards Replace Certificates

In the UK a new certification Authority for WSET led to a change in titles for the documents you receive when you successfully pass a WSET exam. From now on “Certificate” has been replaced by “Award.” So, instead of an “Intermediate Certificate,” people who successfully pass that exam will receive the “Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits.” And so on for the other levels except for Level 4, which will continue to be called the WSET “Diploma.” The content of the courses will remain the same, except for the usual, periodic improvements and updates to the materials.

WSET Certified Educators

Every WSET center must have at least one WSET Certified Educator, who has gone through extensive training on teaching techniques. We have far exceeded that minimum, having sent ten of our instructors to this training.

Diploma via Video

Only six cities in the U.S. offer the WSET Diploma. If you’re not near one of them your options had been just home study or WSET’s Online Diploma Course. Now we have a third option: video participation in our Diploma classes via a Skype-like connection. We send you the class powerpoints in advance and also the lists of wines that we’ll pour so you can try to buy some of them. With two-way video and audio you can ask questions, share your tasting notes, and participate in class discussions. We even record the classes so you can watch a missed class or use the classes for review. Best of all, the price of home study includes the cost of these video classes.

More Great Diploma Results

Our recent students (June, 2011 and January, 2012 exams) continued our excellent performances on the WSET Diploma Unit 3 (Light Wines) exam. Fifteen of 21 students passed the theory portion and 19 of 21 passed the tasting portion. This is far above the international pass rate (approximately 50%) for this difficult, day-long exam.

Congratulations to our students and to our Unit 3 instructors, whose skillful use of two-way video has enabled our students from all over the country to do as well as our local students.


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